About Us

Warriors of the Word started as a daily ritual. As I had an urge to grow closer to Jesus, I (Michael), realized that I had a gift to help share His message with others through social media. So as a part of my morning routine, I started creating photos of verses that spoke to me in my morning devotional, or phrases that spoke to my heart from what I read. 

I have been doing this consistently, every single day, as part of my morning routine for about 8 months as I write this! As a blessing from God, His word has reached over 1.1 MILLION people, and counting!

Through hours and hours of prayer, this morning routine has slowly grown into a brand and my girlfriend and I have decided to step fully into this project and minister to as many people as possible through this platform! 

We believe in the Word of God as our Weapon to fight the spiritual battles we all go through each and every day. That is how Warriors of the Word was born! Through the daily study of God's Word, and learning how to implement that into our everyday lives!

We are an imperfect couple, pursuing a PERFECT God!

We hope that the content & products we create can minister to your heart, and help speak the loving Word of God onto your life! You are part of our prayers each and every morning and we're so grateful for the opportunity to get closer to this community and Jesus! :)

- Michael & Haylie